Avoid Parking Lot Mishaps

Most of us have had a fender bender or bump in a parking lot sometime in our driving career.

5 types of accidents made  in parking lots

Most common parking lot mishaps

Maybe it is because we are running errands that we have done so often we get a little relaxed in that Trader Joe’s parking lot. No matter the reason here are some simple steps to avoid those parking lot mishaps:

Check the other cars before getting in your vehicle – are there other people loading their items in the car, somebody getting in the car? If you survey your immediate area, you’ll be aware of where other cars may be pulling out.

Use the rear view mirror, camera and your eyes – don’t rely on just one method – to make sure there is no person or car in your way as you back up.

Keep your foot OFF the gas when backing out of a space – did you know cars in the aisle have the right of way? It is up to you to stop pulling out before a collision.

Be on the lookout for distracted pedestrians – people are often multi-tasking when in the parking lots – looking for keys, texting, corralling kids – they may not see you, so be sure you see them by being extra alert.

Move slowly – take the extra time to go slow in parking lots, it is a sure way to save on a new bumper.

If the worst happens and somebody is injured in an accident, call for medical attention. If you are involved in a minor mishap, pull into an empty parking spot, take pictures of the damage and exchange insurance information with the other driver. That is why we have insurance!

Just some helpful hints from your friends at Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America.

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