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Adopt-A-Highway; Sponsor vs. Volunteer Explained

Do you ever wonder what the Adopt-A-Highway signs on the side of the road mean?

How does it work?

Who can Adopt-A-Highway?

We are constantly asked these questions. So here, are some of the answers!

There are two types of Adopt-A-Highway programs:

Volunteer programs allow volunteer groups, individuals or organizations to adopt a segment and go out and clean that part of the highway. All cleaning is done by volunteers. These segments are typically not on the Interstates or heavily traveled highways, due to safety concerns and DOT regulations. Cleaning is often infrequent (2 to 4 times per year) as it is strictly done on a volunteer basis. Signs are familiar to most drivers and include the name of the organizations, no logos are allowed and signs are printed in plain white lettering. Volunteer programs re a great way to get involved and contribute to your local community.

Sponsorship programs are an expansion of the Volunteer programs and allows organizations and groups to pay a sponsorship fee for a segment of a highway. This fee, paid to a professional company like AAHLRSA, helps DOTs offset the cost of litter removal on major roadways. These sponsored segments are cleaned by a professional, safety-trained cleaning crew on a regular basis (monthly, bi-monthly or weekly). Litter is sorted and recycled whenever possible. Signs for Sponsorship programs are larger than volunteer signs and include the sponsor’s full color logo. These programs are typically called “Sponsor-A-Highway”. Signage is available in major metropolitan areas and on Interstates and highways that are traveled by millions of commuters.

Which program is for you? Call or email your local Territory Manager or to find out more about the Sponsor-A-Highway program.

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Happy Birthday Adopt-A-Highway!

Blow out the candles – Adopt-A-Highway is 29 years old!

On March 9, 1985 the 1st volunteer Adopt-A-Highway sign was installed in Tyler, Texas. Members of a civic group committed to keeping a segment of the highway clean. Volunteerism at its finest. Soon, the idea spread across the nation. Today, currently 49 of the 50 states have some form of an Adopt-A-Highway program. Adopt-A-Highway has even made its way into pop culture, with an episode of “Seinfeld” featuring Kramer adopting a one-mile segment of Expressway.

In the last 29 years, the idea has grown to include Sponsor-A-Highway programs, 511 Information sponsorship, Rest Area sponsorships, roadway beautification projects and more. Sponsorship allows corporations, individuals or organizations the opportunity to pay for professional management or clean-up of facilities, in exchange for signage on some of America’s most traveled highways. All of these programs assist state Department of Transportations to offset a tightening budgets, while keeping the roadways safe and litter-free.

For more information on Sponsor-A-Highway opportunities, contact Melinda Centner at

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