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Tech Time Out

Tech Time Out

unplug3Is your cellphone vibrating/chirping/buzzing? You are not alone. Americans are more plugged in now than ever before.  In fact, every day people send upwards of 27 billion texts, download over 180 million apps, and make more than 12 billion calls. And that’s just cellphones. More than 182 billion emails are sent each and every day, worldwide. It is clearly time for a Tech Time Out!

Technology is a great thing, and we have all benefited from its convenience, but with summer starting and kids out of school, it is a fantastic time to unplug & unwind! We are not suggesting a week or even a day, just set aside some time to turn off your tech and enjoy life. Some unplugged ideas to fill your free time include:

  1. Soak up some Vitamin D – go outside to walk, hike, bike, fish, swim and enjoy the great outdoors
  2. Read a book or magazine – not an on your iPad or eReader
  3. Play board or card games – the kids may be surprised that Scrabble was an actual board game before it was called “Words with Friends”
  4. Build something – be it a fort or a birdhouse, put your hands to work
  5. Try a new or old recipe from an actual cookbook
  6. Volunteer for a local cause – maybe Adopt-A-Highway?!
  7. Take the family for a drive – turn off the Navigation system and just hit the road

Oh yeah, while you take that drive look for Adopt-A-Highway signs and support our Sponsors!

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