DOT/Agency — Testimonials

What Our Partners are Saying…

Currently, the savings are at $2,377,692.07, since the beginning of the program in 2005.
Beverly A. Goetz
Maintenance Operations Program Manager
MD State Highway Administration, MD
Cut our litter/trash control program from $15,000 annually to ZERO. AAHLRSA staff, provide excellent customer service, address problems quickly and correctly each time.
Michael Schwarting
Roadway Operations Manager
The City of Long Beach has worked with AAHLRSA on the Long Beach Adopt-A-Street Program since 2001. We have been extremely satisfied with this partnership and would back them 100%.
Amy Zeidler
Special Projects Officer
City of Long Beach, CA
AAHLRSA greatly improved our ability to better utilize our resources and to provide seamless litter removal service. Schedule of planned cleans eliminates the duplication of services, allowing roadside engineers focus on “in need” sections of road.
Scott Wilson
Director of Roadway Operations
MA Department of Transportation, MA