How do I Adopt A Highway?

Adopt-A-Highway: Volunteer & Sponsorship

The term and concept of Adopt-A-Highway is well-known throughout the United States. Lesser known, is the fact that most states offer two very different Adopt-A-highway programs.

Volunteer Adopt-A-Highway Program

The first is a Volunteer Adopt-A-Highway program, in which organizations or individuals sign up to clean a certain segment of roadway. Most often twice a year clean up is suggested for Volunteer programs. These programs have been very successful and are of great value to any community. However, there are some limitations due to traffic safety and an increased danger in the litter being thrown to side of the roads – needles, meth pots and broken bottles.

Sponsorship Adopt-A-Highway/Sponsor-A-Highwayadopt-a-highway-sign-massachusetts

On highly traveled highways, it is unsafe for volunteers to be out collecting litter. It is also extremely expensive for state DOTs to keep the highways litter-free. In comes the Sponsor-A-Highway program. It is a simple concept, with great marketing power. Here is how it works:

  1. A business, organization or individual pays a fee to sponsor a 1- or 2-mile segment of a highway or Interstate.
  2. They get a prominent sign, featuring their name and logo on that segment.
  3. Our trained crews come in a clean the sponsored location anywhere from every 2-weeks to 6 times a year, depending amount of litter, location and DOT requirements

Both Adopt-A-Highway and Sponsor-A-Highway programs improve the community in which they are based and help divert funds that would be used on litter removal to greater safety issues. We hope that everybody gets involved and contributes in one way or another. To find a program in your area: go to or your state DOT website.

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