Map of Indianapolis Highways

Indiana is more than home to the Indianapolis Speedway, Indy 500 and the Indianapolis Colts. In 2015, Indiana ranked 8th on Forbes magazine’s list of Best States for Business. With a strong pro-business environment Indiana is attracting new businesses from neighboring state’s, which is reducing unemployment. Strong growth in the business arena is buoyed by the state’s high quality of life and low-cost of living.

INDOT’s Sponsor-A-Highway program helps significantly reduce the roadside trash problem throughout the Hoosier State, saves INDOT funds that can be used for other projects and support Indiana’s strong environmental policy. Less litter equals less pollution and improves the look of Indiana’s communities. Consider Sponsoring a highway along the:
65, 69, 70, 74, 465 or 856.

adopt-a-highway-sign-indianaAbout the Signs

We provide design support, to maximize the impact of your sponsor signage. We will ensure placement for high visibility and exposure.

Each sign will be placed on the shoulder of the highway, facing traffic.

Highway segments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Indiana Territory Manager


Tom Wood is one of the area’s largest automotive dealers and we put a lot of cars on the road every year, so doing our part to keep our local streets and highways looking great seemed like a natural fit!

Jeff Wood, President | Tom Wood Automotive | Indianapolis, ID

Tom Wood Automotive Adopt a Highway Indiana Sponsor

Reverie Estates is a progressive development and management company in the city of Indianapolis. We have a passion for developing historic apartment buildings and property of historic districts in the Downtown and Irvington areas. We are happy to sponsor litter-removal and highway upkeep just south of Indianapolis near the exits for Fountain Square and Garfield Park, both communities where the President of our company spent his childhood years, and where he now lives once again. We are thrilled to present our support and improve our brand recognition, to the travelers and commuters heading into the city, with this sponsorship that presents our logo and name so well. The goals of this program are very much in line with our efforts to be part of a greater movement in Indianapolis whereby our city is becoming a more and more wonderful urban setting for living, working, and playing!

Chris Piazza, President | Reverie Estates | Indianapolis, ID


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