Let’s be Green – How Your Business Can Become Socially Responsible in 2013

January is almost over. Yes, you made your new year’s resolutions. You are hitting the gym, eating well and feeling great. Good for you! But what about your business? Did you make new year’s resolutions for your business? Is your business striving to contribute back to the community in 2013? Maybe you read an article or two about businesses becoming more socially responsible. Maybe you are realizing that businesses, like individuals can make a difference. No matter your reason, 2013 is the year to be green. Let’s explore some different ways a business can step up to lead the community to a greener environment and build customer relationships at the same time.

  • Abandon Paper Advertising. First, we need to cut down on commercial waste. Have you done an ROI analysis on your paper advertising recently? Businesses are becoming increasingly aware that flyers, post cards, door hangers and other paper advertisements are not cost effective. Customers find these types of advertisements more of an annoyance than informational. So why not cut your cost and save a tree. Stop the plastering of unwanted flyers and postcards. Your customers will appreciate not having to deal with the annoying pieces of paper waste.
  • Spread the Word. Perhaps you are not yet aware of the power that your business holds in shaping the opinions of your customers. This thinking should be dashed by Chick-Fil-A’s political stand last year and the swift actions and reactions caused by it. Your customers support you because they have a certain trust in your business. This kind of trust is powerful in bringing a positive change in our society. So tell your customers that you care about the environment and be a part of this positive change.
  • Build Your Green Brand. Take the step above a bit further. Build an advertising campaign around your message of being green. Let your customers know that you are contributing back to the communities that support you. Your customers will subconsciously associate your brand with being responsible and wholesome. This subconscious association can make the difference when your customers have to choose between you and your competitor.
  • Bring It All Together. Adopt a Highway. How exactly can a business do all of the above at the same time? By adopting a highway! Adopt a Highway Programs allow you to put your business name & logo in front of millions of motorists that drive the busy highways in the largest cities of America. The exposure your business will receive is unrivaled. When you adopt a highway, you are displaying corporate citizenship to your current and potential customers. Your business is contributing to a cleaner environment while bringing your brand to your customers. Your green advertising will give back to the community that supports your business. See what others say about Adopt a Highway Programs.

So what are you waiting for? Let 2013 be the year that your business commits to being green! Take the steps and bring positive change to your community. To find out more about Adopt a Highway Programs in your city, contact Adopt a Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc for pricing and information at (800) 499-2367.

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