Sponsor Benefits

With AAHLRSA, Sponsorship has Benefits


Sponsor-A-Highway signs are located in high volume traffic sites
  • Sponsored segments are cleaned by our professional crews keeping motorists safe from litter hazards
  • Litter removal from roadways and surrounding areas keeps debris and pollutants out of our waterways
  • Litter collection in degradable bags is separated and recycled whenever possible
  • Full-color logo signs are used to recognize the sponsor of a highway segment
  • In highly visible and well-traveled locations,these signs are a cost effective marketing tool for companies of all sizes
  • Highway sponsorship promotes community pride and saves taxpayer dollars
  • Signage that creates and strengthens brand awareness and visibility to the mobile consumer

Reaching the Target Market

Reaching your customers is always the goal of any marketing effort — consumers are spending more time in their cars, why not reach them there? Sponsor-A-Highway signs offer the ability to reach a mobile audience on the busiest U.S. roadways with maximum impact and frequency. Our program currently generates billions of impressions annually.

Sponsorship reinforces image and positions a company as socially responsible.

Sponsor-A-Highway = Low CPM

CPM, or cost per mile, is the price of 1,000 advertising impressions. It is the cost to reach 1,000 consumers through a single form of advertising. CPM measures efficiency, and the channel with the lowest CPM is generally the most efficient, as it costs less to reach more consumers.


Helping the Environment

Recycling & Degradable Bags

Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. (AAHLRSA) voluntarily elected to use degradable litter bags in ALL of our markets, before it is mandated. AAHLRSA recycles and uses two color reversible bags to enable recycling “on the fly”. Every item recycled helps conserve our environment.


  • Sponsor

  • Now THIS is smart advertising! The Rouge Fine Catering name is seen by hundreds of thousands of cars AND we are contributing to our community. Definitely a win-win situation.”
    - Jonathan Soudry, Chef/Owner
    ROUGE Fine Catering | Hunt Valley, MD
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