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Making an IMPACT

For over 31 years, Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America (AAHLRSA) has made an impact on the environment and in our communities.  Since the beginning, AAHLRSA’s goal has been simple, to provide:

A valuable marketing program for sponsors

Save $ for DOT partners

Preserve the health of our planet

Deliver top quality customer service.

We believe in doing good and are extremely proud of the impact Adopt-A-Highway sponsorship programs’ have on the environment. Whether sponsoring one segment or many miles, each sponsor does make an difference. In 2019, over 1.1 million pounds of litter was collected as part of the program. Of that, 10% was recycled. So, THANK YOU to our sponsors for your dedication to making an IMPACT!

Making an IMPACT - AAHLRSA 2019 nationwide statistics

In 2020, all of us have had to show resilience in ways no one dreamed of a year ago. There is no denying the world has changed. And honestly, the needs for litter removal are even greater and potentially more dangerous. We are committed to making sure that AAHLRSA responsibly serves our sponsors, partners and our planet going forward. Join us in this pledge by getting a quote to sponsor today.

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Outdoor Advertising is Growing

Growth of outdoor advertising in today’s world… 


Ty Associates tying all their marketing together with sponsorship sign

It might surprise many, but the market of outdoor advertising (billboards, transportation signage) is growing despite the rise in smartphone usage. Driving plays a huge role in our everyday routine. In fact, driving is the primary mode of transportation in the United States. People rely on private vehicles to get to work, school, stores, and vacation destinations. The average American driver puts 13,476 miles per year on their vehicle.

The GlobeNewswire recently reported that the global outdoor advertising market value will reach $54.13 billion in 2024, a 5.1% growth rate between 2020 and 2024. The 2019 Mary Meeker ‘Internet Trends’ report also showed a slowed growth of online advertising. Highway signs listing a company name and logo will help local businesses receive more exposure and customers. The placement of a sign in a highly visible outdoor location is sure to catch the attention of people driving by. Repetitive exposure to a brand’s logo increases familiarity, buying impulse and credibility.

Our goal is keeping roads clean while being a cost-effective method of marketing for businesses. When you Sponsor-A-Highway, a sign with your company name and logo will be placed on the highway facing traffic. The 1 to 2-mile section sponsored gets cleaned by our crews at minimum once a month. Sponsorship attracts more business and helps your community keep roads clean.

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