DOT/Agency — What we can do for you.

What our Services Provide for DOT/Agency Partners

The Federal Highway Administration is allowing states and agencies to partner with select providers to offer sponsorship programs to off-set transportation funding shortfalls. AAHLRSA has been working with DOT/Agency partners for the past 25 years to manage public/private partnerships that benefit both the DOT/Agency and the corporate sponsor. Our sponsorship programs are turn-key, we manage all aspects including marketing, signage and litter removal. In fact, AAHLRSA programs have saved millions of dollars for our DOT/Agency partners.

AAHLRSA markets sponsorship opportunities that reduce the cost of litter removal on interstates, highways, toll roads and streets. We market to a wide range of companies, from Fortune 500 to local businesses, all of whom want to give back and create brand awareness for their efforts. In exchange for an annual contract and fee, the sponsor receives prominent signage on well-traveled roadways.

AAHLRSA manages all the work; a sample of the services we provide to DOT/Agency partners, includes:


Launch of new sign design for MoDOT
  • Sales, marketing and public relations efforts
  • Design, fabrication and installation of signs and sponsor panels
  • Maintenance and management of sign inventory
  • Consistent cleaning by our safety-trained professional crews
  • Collecting of litter in degradable bags; separated and recycled whenever possible
  • Cleaning schedules, permits and reports as determined by DOT/Agency
  • Provide links and marketing materials for DOT/Agency website
  • Billing and collection of all fees
  • Follow all FHWA and MUTCD guidelines


Expanded Sponsorship Services Available

Taking advantage of the new FHWA Directive 5160.1, Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. is now offering sponsorship services including: Toll Roads, Rest Areas and 511 Traffic Information Services. The program will be tailored to your state/DOT’s or agencies specifications. Contact Melinda Centner for more information.

Melinda Centner | CEO