Sponsor — How it Works

Have you ever wondered how the Sponsor-A-Highway signs work?

They provide a great marketing tool for any size company or organization.

Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. (AAHLRSA) offers complete program management for Sponsor-A-Highway programs including marketing, signage and litter removal. We make it easy! We provide the cleaning. You receive recognition for helping your community while building brand awareness. In exchange for a nominal fee, the sponsor receives signage on a well-traveled roadway. The sponsorship also saves taxpayers money on the cost of litter removal on interstates, highways, toll roads and streets.


Our Clean Crew collecting trash
on a segment of U.S. Highway

AAHLRSA provides the following services for its sponsors:

  • Determines optimal, available location for sign
  • Assists in design of sign
    • Signs are full color and include company logo
    • Sponsorship signs are significantly larger than Volunteer signs
  • Fabricates logo sign
  • Installs and maintains sign on roadway
  • Provides regular cleaning of sponsored segment
    • Cleaning intervals determined by DOT
    • Ranges from weekly to quarterly
  • Processes all permit and paperwork required
  • Provides additional marketing for Sponsors through Social Media and direct marketing pieces

All of our sponsorship programs are customizable
to best fit a sponsor’s requirements – from a single sign location to multiple signs in a single state or in multiple markets.