Your Company Logo is Meant to be Displayed

Elevate Your Brand, Make a Difference! Fuel your brand's visibility with our Sponsor-A-Highway program. Showcase your commitment to community and environment. Enjoy prime signage, positive brand image, and a cleaner community. Let's discuss how your logo can lead the way on a stretch of highway.

Your Company Logo is Meant to be Displayed

February 7, 2024 Your Logo here on a Sponsor A Highway Litter Program Sign

The Importance of a Company Logo Brands must strive for recognition and differentiation, the company LOGO can be a powerful visual tool to set a business apart. More than just a design, a company’s logo tells the company’s story, mission, values and makes a lasting impression. For example, logo’s should provide: Visual Identity: A well-designed […]

Winter Wheels: Tips for Safe Driving in Cold Conditions

January 29, 2024

Winter driving conditions are here. January hit fast and furious this year. At Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal, we are all about keeping the roads and drivers safe. Here are some tips for you when winter conditions exist: 1. Keep windshields clear – Scrape snow and ice to ensure full visibility. 2. Increase following distance – Put […]

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