It is more than our name.
It is what we do.

We Specialize in Adopt A Highway SPONSORSHIPS.

Sponsors pay an annual fee to receive a logo sign, while our employees provide 100% of the highway litter removal. Highway sponsorship signs get impressions all day, every single day. Learn how we can help your business grow and give back to the community.


Capturing Audiences on the Move

By marketing with Adopt A Highway, you can reach an audience of all ages. The unique logo signs target people as they commute to work, enjoy a night out, spend the day shopping, or drive around town. And unlike other forms of marketing, it cannot be skipped over or turned off. In addition, Adopt A Highway is one of the least expensive forms of outdoor advertising.

51,765 MILES

The equivalent of traveling two times around the earth.


In 2023, we removed over 2.1 million lbs. of litter from U.S. roads. That is a lot of trash.


We recycle all we can to support the environment.

Marketing for EVERY Business

Every business needs to have a marketing plan in place to increase brand awareness and drive revenue. A distinctive feature of adopting a highway is that the program can work for small businesses to large Fortune 500 companies. From sponsoring a single mile to hundreds of miles, sponsors are making a huge difference.

Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc celebrates 35 years in business

What Sponsors are Saying

Established in 1989, Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. has been a leader in sponsorship marketing by providing excellent service and superior results.

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