May 19, 2021

The Pandemic & Litter: Why does it matter?

Litter has always been an issue – it is ugly, potentially hazardous and pollutes our environment. The cost of removing litter from highways tops $11 billion annually.

But now, we need to talk about the disposable gloves and masks that are littering our streets and highways, our sidewalks and parking lots.

Used gloves. Worn Masks. Dangerous litter.

Similar to a hypodermic needle, there is a proper way to dispose of these items. Our field crews have been trained to remove litter responsibly and safely on the highways.

We all are trying to stay safe. In fact, our crews have always worn gloves. We have added masks as a precaution as well.

Another litter issue is that people are using more disposable items, like gloves and masks, but also wipes, bags, paper towels. For example, grocery stores are discouraging everyone from bringing bags. Now they provide paper or plastic bags that are most often thrown out — rather than reused or recycled — because of fear of who has touched them. The same is true for takeout containers, which often make their way onto the side of the roads.

The greatest concern should be that these items are making their way into our storm drains and then into the ocean. Gloves, masks and plastic could be there long after this pandemic has come and gone.

Sponsor-A-Highway helps provide a solution to alleviate these current litter issues. We provide 100% of the litter removal. Our employees have the equipment and training needed to keep the public and themselves safe during the process. SPONSORSHIP allows us to tackle this problem together! For your sponsorship, you receive highway signage and recognition within the community.

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