June 19, 2021

Boost marketing with multiple sponsorship signs!

We have many sponsors that opt to sponsor multiple segments of highways – some in a single market, some across the nation. Many sponsors have 100+ signs, while others have three signs located near their primary business. Sponsor-A-Highway signage is very cost-effective. Any business can afford to boost marketing and make the program their own. It is scale-able to your budget constraints while making a
big impact on customers and the community.

We asked why companies choose Sponsor-A-Highway to boost their branding and here is what a few said:

Literally, Johnson Automotive is the largest sponsor in the United States with over 550 signs and adding more all the time. They have found that multiple signs boost marketing power!

Miss Shirley’s is a family-owned business, with 20 signs scattered across their primary markets in Maryland.
They have been a sponsor in the program since 2015.

There is nothing that says it better than a client’s testimonial. We are proud to have happy sponsors! To boost YOUR marketing power go to our GET A QUOTE page and ask about our multiple sign pricing!

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