February 11, 2022

Gary Barbera Keeping the Boulevard Beautiful

Barbera’s is Cleaning up Litter with Pennsylvania
Sponsor-A-Highway Litter Removal Program

Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard and its community service Gary Barbera Cares Program goes the extra mile to enhance the communities in which they live, work, and play. The family-owned and operated business, Gary Barbera’s on the Boulevard is an iconic Philadelphia brand with business and strong familial ties to the area. The Gary Barbera Dodge, Chrysler, Ram, Jeep dealerships, their service maintenance center, and Barbera Cares Programs are in the heart of Northeast Philadelphia.

Barbera Jeeps is pleased to bring the litter removal program to neighborhood
Gary Barbera on the Boulevard and their Barbera Cares Program are funding the removal of litter from Pennsylvania highways through their sponsorships. The clean-up and beautification efforts are being focused right at home in Barbera’s backyard, Route 1 Roosevelt Boulevard. Over 12 miles of Route 1 North and South have been newly Sponsored by Gary Barbera on the Boulevard and their Barbera Cares Programs for an integrated, comprehensive effort for contiguous litter removal. A Pennsylvania study estimates that over $45 million is spent annually in Philadelphia to deal with litter removal from streets and neighborhoods. The PA Sponsor-A-Highway program is a way for the state to alleviate these massive costs.

Gary Barbera on the Boulevard and their Barbera Cares Program have also double-downed on their local Don’t Text & Drive PSA’s with Barbera Cares Solar Recycling Kiosks. The 160 strategically placed trash and recycling Big Belly cans that subsidize the cost of trash receptacle removal in an environmentally friendly and cost effective manner.

Learn more about Barbera’s on the Boulevard and Barbera Cares

“Barbera’s is making a true difference in the Philadelphia community. We are very proud to develop this partnership with them to provide litter removal services on Route 1.”
– Michele Waldron, Senior Vice President, Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc.

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