August 23, 2022

How to Recycle or
Reuse Almost Anything

The average American produces just under five pounds of trash each day, while a family creates about 18 pounds. This waste adds up to: 1,642 pounds per person annually or 6,570 pounds per family annually.

trash can with trash spilling out

Recycling is simple, but can also be confusing.

While plenty can’t be re-used, nearly a third of what Americans toss can be recycled. Here are some tips that can help you up your recycling/re-using game:
– CARDBOARD, GLASS, PAPER & METAL can be usually recycled curbside. Except for greasy pizza boxes and other take-out food containers. Re-use plastic containers while cardboard containers can be composted
– HANGARS pose a threat to workers at recycling plant, so try returning them to dry cleaners to re-use
– PACKING MATERIALS donate to local shipping stores for re-use or use them for your future shipping needs
– LIGHTBULBS Check Ikea or local Home Depot some will take back CFL bulbs
– BOOKS donate to local library or school for others to enjoy
– TOWELS & STUFFED ANIMALS can be given to your local animal shelter
– MATTRESSESS  check for options for an old mattress

You can learn more about how to recycle and the impact recycling has on the environment at:
Recycle Across America Logo

At Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. we are trying to do our part too.
When collecting litter on the sides of the highways, on average, we recycle 10% of the litter.

AAHLRSA recycles 10% of litter picked up

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