January 29, 2024

Winter Wheels: Tips for Safe Driving in Cold Conditions

Winter driving conditions are here. January hit fast and furious this year. At Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal, we are all about keeping the roads and drivers safe. Here are some tips for you when winter conditions exist:

1. Keep windshields clear – Scrape snow and ice to ensure full visibility.

2. Increase following distance – Put five to six seconds of time between you and the vehicle you’re following – especially snow plows.

3. Be patient – Allow more time – and daylight if possible – to get to your destination, and remember that detouring through a median typically causes problems.

4. Always pay attention to the road – Traffic flow can change instantly and braking times increase dramatically with snow or ice.

5. Add braking time to exit freeways and interstates – Exits and overpasses get slick during winter events and require even more braking time.

6. Prepare a winter survival kit – Pack the items in graphic to help you endure an emergency or road closure until help arrives.

7. Turn on headlights – It’s critical to be seen on snowy and foggy days.

8. Don’t Litter – Trash and debris get buried under snow, potentially making it more hazardous and harder to clean.

Our litter removal crews will be out on the roads, when weather permits, so please drive with caution this winter and all year long.


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