DOT/Agency Benefits

With AAHLRSA, Sponsorship has Benefits

DOTbenefits-aahlrsa-cleaning-crew-ca-signOur staff manages the entire program; we do the litter removal, you BENEFIT from cost savings.

Other benefits include:

  • NO COST to partnering DOT/Agencies
  • Our safety-trained crews provide the cleaning
  • Savings on litter removal expenditures
  • Increased frequency of litter removal
  • Promote DOT/Agency special events through social media platform
  • Revenue generator, possible profit sharing partnership
  • Improved safety for the traveling public


We have been extremely satisfied with our partnership with Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. The communication to us from new sponsors to when and how much trash has been picked up has been excellent from the moment that the partnership began. We have had no issues and would back them 100% to any new clients

Eric Becker, Director of Maintenance | Kansas Turnpike Authority, KS
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