adopt-a-highway-sign-massachusettsAbout the Signs

We provide design support, to maximize the impact of your sponsor signage. We will ensure placement for high visibility and exposure.

Each sign will be placed on the shoulder of the highway, facing traffic.

Highway segments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Massachusetts Territory Manager


Braintree Printing, a digital and offset printing company serving printers and print brokers throughout the Northeast, is cleaning two stretches of roadway in the Boston, MA area through its recent partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Sponsor-A-Highway program. With Earth Day 2012 just around the corner, this new association is one more way the environmentally-conscious printer is protecting the environment and reaching out to the communities it serves.

Braintree Printing’s owner Jim Corliss said the Sponsor-A-Highway program is the perfect use of his company’s marketing dollars. “Our brand gets great exposure and we’re keeping Massachusetts roadways beautiful for travelers and potential customers. We’re in the business of printed signage so this is a natural reflection of what we do.”

Jim Corliss , Owner | Braintree Printing | Boston, MA