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Sponsor Spotlight: Rouge Catering

MD-sponsor-RougeFineCateringROUGE FINE CATERING, one of the premier caterers in Maryland, has been a Sponsor for over 2 years and has 20+ signs. Offering quality food and excellent service, Rouge is proud to not Sponsor-A-Highway, but to also support local farmers and co-ops. Rouge has built a solid reputation based on its delicious food but also for its sustainability and “green” efforts. We are thankful one of those “green“efforts is working with AAHLRSA!

Now, THIS is smart advertising! The Rouge Fine catering name is seen by hundreds of thousands of cars per days AND we are contributing to our community by participating to the cleaning of our local highways! Definitely a win-win situation.Green customers think we are COOL! Additionally, having developed the familiarity of our brand with the commuter, has facilitated the recognition of our name when potential customers do a web search for a caterer. The highway signs have broadened our clientele and have helped us to become one of the largest caterers in Maryland

– Jonathan Soudry, Chef/Owner ROUGE Fine


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Thank You to our Commited Sponsors

We often use this blog to thank our New Sponsors, today we would like to take some time to thank those that have helped us prosper and grow over the last 25 years. Thank You for your continued commitment to the Adopt-A-Highway program!



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Jump Start your 2015 Marketing

busy highwaysAre you located near one of the busiest highways in the United States?

If so, 2015 is the time to Jump Start your marketing plan. Average daily traffic counts on busy interstates have soared, making them one of the best places to advertise. The problem is many areas prohibit signs and billboards along the roadway. However, Adopt-A-Highway Sponsor signs are right there, on the road, promoting your business and community pride. Some other benefits to the Adopt-A-Highway program include:

Sponsorship is an affordable marketing option for any size business
Sponsorship reaches consumers where they work, live, play and shop
Adopt-A-Highway signs are highly visible to drivers and cannot be “turned-off” in traffic
Your budget dictates how many segments you sponsor – the program is scalable and nationwide
Cause marketing grabs the attention of consumers – as many as 91% of consumers make choices based on “cause” marketing

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Happy Anniversary to Us


This month Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. (AAHLRSA) celebrates its 25 Year Anniversary. Hard to believe that a simple idea formed in a small apartment in California would lead to 25 prosperous years serving DOTs and Corporate Sponsors nationwide. Since 1989, our core business philosophy has been the same – exceed expectations, provide superior service and keep the highways clean! We are extremely thankful for the partnerships we have formed over the past 25 years and feel privileged to work with such dedicated, wonderful people.

So as, we celebrate a little and say Happy Anniversary to ourselves, we would also like to thank EVERYONE that has played a role in our continued success. We could not have made it without you and we look forward to another 25 years of clean and safe roads!


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November – a “Month of Gratitude”

It can be difficult with everyday stresses to be happy and grateful 24/7. However, according to studies, being grateful for the simple things, such as a beautiful sunrise/sunset or a warm meal, greatly improves your happiness and health. The trick is to take the time to notice and acknowledge the simple things in life that make us happy. Some easy, inexpensive ideas on how to pump up your gratitude this month:

  1. Give to your favorite charity
  2. Donate a turkey
  3. Deliver hot meals to the hungry
  4. Write down what you are thankful for throughout the month and read them aloud at Thanksgiving dinner
  5. Handwrite a note to somebody that can’t be with you for the holidays
  6. Watch the sunset with somebody you love
  7. Say THANK YOU to somebody every single day

THANK YOU!!!! We at AAHLRSA appreciate you and are grateful that you have taken an interest in our effort to make the world a cleaner, safer & better place.

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TOP 10 Reasons Sponsor-A-Highway WORKS

  1. Signs are located where other signs are not available, on the side of highly traveled roadways AAHLRSA-Low-CPM-3
  2. The lowest CPMs in advertising, both as a stand-alone medium and as part of a broader media mix
  3. Provides signage that cannot be delayed, skipped, or turned off
  4. Contributes to a cleaner environment
  5. Provides goodwill and involvement in the community
  6. Helps provide safer roads, potentially reducing accidents
  7. Money saved on litter removal can be put to use maintaining integrity of the roadways
  8. Reaches the target market – the busy, on-the-go consumer
  9. Strengthens brand awareness and credibility
  10. Cost effective marketing for both large and small companies

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Reach Your Target Market

AAHLRSA-reaching-target-marketDid you know consumers are more consistently exposed to out-of-home advertising than any other form of media?

With the number of hours spent in the car, out-of home advertising reaches 96% of Americans each and every week. In addition, an estimated 70% of purchasing decisions are made outside of the home and in the car. The majority of working consumers make purchases after work, on the way home. That is why shoppers are so influenced by signage they see on the road on way to the grocery store, drug store or restaurant. Reaching shoppers with roadside signage that works 24/7/365 makes sense.

Not all advertising campaigns are alike and they shouldn’t be. Each company has a unique set of goals, however, the primary objective is always to Reach Your Target Market – Sponsor-A-Highway today.

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Each and every one of us has been somehow, either directly or indirectly, impacted by breast cancer.

    • In the U.S., 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime.
    • Since, 1990, early detection and treatment have resulted in a significant decline in breast cancer mortality in America.
    • Today, there are more than 3 million breast cancer survivors in the U.S.

It is with these statistics in mind and to honor those near and dear to us that have courageously fought this battle that we at Adopt-A-Highway Litter Removal Service of America, Inc. have decided to make a monetary donation to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for every sponsorship sign sold starting in October.

Susan G. Komen’s mission is to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering others, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures.”

Susan G. Komen’s mission is achieved through the funding of research, education, screening and treatment programs throughout the world.

Collective efforts can make a huge impact; whether it be cleaner highways or fighting breast cancer, you can make a difference. Consider sponsoring a highway today to help fund a cure for breast cancer.

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REV Up Marketing with Sponsor-A-Highway

REV UP your Marketing with Sponsor-A-Highway

Expand your company’s visibility with Sponsor-A-Highway signage. Sponsorship provides a cost effective means of driving your REVenues UP by reaching your customers where they work and play. In fact, sponsorship marketing has become one of the fastest growing marketing strategies in the United States. Based on CPM (cost per thousand views) Sponsor-A-Highway is an excellent value. In addition, your signage is placed where nobody else can go – right on the busiest highways in America.

Call your Territory Manager today for your REV UP sign discount.

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The Cost of Litter Clean-Up is Substantial

LitterLitter clean-up costs the U.S. more than $11.5 billion annually, with businesses paying for approximately 80%; local/state governments, schools, and other organizations picking up (pun intended!) the remaining 20%. According to Keep America Beautiful’s latest Litter Study, here are some interesting facts:

  1. More than 50 billion pieces of litter are on U.S. roadways each year.
  2. The majority of this trash is less than 4 inches, making it difficult to clean-up.
  3. That is the equivalent of 6,729 pieces of trash per mile of roadway.
  4. As you may guess, tobacco products (cigarette butts and packaging) make up about 40% of this litter. Plastic and paper are the next biggest categories.
  5. Roadway litter comes from both drivers and pedestrians. Drivers cause (52%), pedestrians (23%), and improperly covered truck loads (16%).

The cost of cleaning up litter is high, but so are the environmental consequences. Wind and weather, traffic, and animals move litter around, potentially into gutters, lawns and landscaped areas, alleyways, and parking structures. Litter near storm drains and beach debris are also likely to wash into local waterways, with potential for serious environmental contamination.

Let’s stop this trashy habit!

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